Born and raised in South Florida Upcoming Producer, Engineer , Artist Dakiddfr3sh has set forth unique color flavors, and a new wave of Sound. From banging on buckets as a child, playing the drums in the church, making  beats from scratch or being a pillar in multiple choirs (4yrs High School, 1yr University), Dakiddfr3sh has discovered his passions for Music forevermore and is ready to share some jewels to your ears. As a child Dakiddfr3sh has been influenced musically mainly from his rich culture roots background and upbringing. Tupac Shakur and Drake solely remains Dakiddfr3sh Top 2 Artists of all time as Mannie Fresh solely remains Dakiddfr3sh Top Producer of all time, just to name a few inspirations!  Currently I am working on projects with Artists locally to further more UNDISCOVER 3D! I’ve also recently released singles “Don’t Trip “ and “Salvation” now streaming on all music platforms! You can find my newly released EP “DON’T TRIP” @ https://soundcloud.com/dakiddfr3sh/sets/dont-trip
My Place in the Entertainment Media Industry in Ten Years is to continue to have and grow my passions for Muse. My Place in the Entertainment Media Industry in Ten Years is to be awarded multiple Grammy Awards! My Place in the Entertainment Media Industry in Ten Years is to be SUCCESSFUL! Music is universal! My works are worldwide from all walks of life and different back rounds. My works includes a very well mixed of groups, they are musicians who has been working on their crafts most their lives. My works are out of  high members of society, they are the gate keepers of the industry I thrive to become. My audience also has high aspirations for the   music industry. I have unbelievable  fr3sh perspectives, ideas on MUSE , fr3sh sounds, fr3sh new waves of music, knowledge and understanding of effects Music has on the human Brain and the effect reactions music causes. 
I can help with my Big Ideas by bringing the many gifts and skill sets that I possess forward. I can Contribute with delivering   report and redirect Good Quality Artist/Musicians, Good Quality Music, Artist Development, Music Production and many more. Dakiddfr3sh  creates authentic, creates unique, creates aspiration, creates rising artist, creates and manifest more love into the world through music.  I  best reach my audience through there hearts with everything my Brand embodies and stand for. I also reach my audience with my past music experiences such as artist/musicians that i've worked with. I can best better reach my audience  by actually being more present at Major Music Events so that I am more visible. 

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